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Free Over-The-Air broadcasts are received using the tuner already in your TV.

Cable and satellite require you to pay extra each month for their converter boxes:

(Excerpt from an actual bill from my local cable company, their name is redacted)
This fee increased again from $8.99 to $9.99 per receiver as of March 2022!
and again from $9.99 to $10.99 per receiver as of March 2023!
and again from $10.99 to $12.50 per receiver as of January 2024!

Cable and satellite charge $22+ "Broadcast TV Surcharge" a month just to have local stations that are free with an antenna!
Let me repeat, to watch public airwaves on their private cable, they charge you!
This fee is NOT optional, you can't opt-out of local channels! If its an add-on, why can't I decline it?

(Excerpt from an actual bill from my local cable company, and from their web site explaining the charge)
This fee increased again from $17.99 to $21.00 per account as of March 2022!
and again from $21.00 to $23.20 per account as of March 2023!
and again from $23.20 to $25.75 per account as of January 2024!

Save $1000+ a year vs cable/satellite, system pays for itself in months!

Can use existing wiring which reduces the cost!

FREE High Definition television, and now with even better picture and sound with ATSC 3.0. aka NextGen TV

Local News, Sports, Weather. No blackouts or contract disputes!
All Major Networks, PBS (main channel), and others in uncompressed High Definition

Tons of Dedicated Channels featuring great shows and entertainment!

Up to 8 Dedicated News and Documentary Channels

Zero Monthly Cost! Pay once, you own it forever! Always works!

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Glens Falls, NY "Over The Air" (OTA) Channels
(Updated May 26, 2024)

Burlington, VT channels receivable with dedicated UHF Yagi Antenna:

3-1 WCAX 1080i - CBS HD (RF 20 from Burlington)
3-2 Movies!
3-6 3 News Now 720p
3-7 Shop LC
5-1 WPTZ 1080i - NBC HD (RF 14 from Burlington)
5-2 Story Television
31-1 WNNE 1080i - CW HD (also on RF 14 from Burlington)

(Duplicate networks receivable from Albany not shown)

Albany, NY channels receivable with UHF and VHF antenna(s):

4-1 France 24 / Intrigue TV 720p (WZPJ RF 23)
4-2 France 24 en Español 720p
4-3 NASA / Paranormal TV 720p
4-4 ACE (American Classic Entertainment) 480p
6-1 CBS 1080i (WRGB RF 35, 15)
6-2 TBD
6-3 Comet
10-1 ABC 720p (WTEN RF 24)
10-2 Cozi TV
10-3 Antenna TV
10-4 ION Mystery
13-1 NBC 1080i (WNYT RF 12, 27, 28, 32)
13-2 Me TV
13-3 StartTV
13-4 GetTV (4:3)
14-1 Buzzr (4:3) (WYBN RF 26)
14-2 Fun Roads TV (16:9 squished into 4:3)
14-3 France 24 (4:3 letterboxed)

14-4 RetroTV (4:3)
14-5 Rev'n (16:9 squished into 4:3)
14-6 Nostalgia Network (16:9 squished into 4:3)
14-7 Action Channel (4:3)
14-8 NewsNet (16:9 squished into 4:3)

17-1 PBS 1080i (WMHT RF 25)
17-2 PBS Create
17-3 PBS World
17-4 PBS Kids
23-1 Fox 720p (WXXA RF 8)
23-2 Off Track Betting
23-3 Grit
   23-4 Rewind TV
23-5 True Crime Network
25-1 NewsNet 720p (WVBG RF 17)
25-2 Sports News Highlights 720p
25-3 Shop HQ 720p
25-4 Watchmen (Religious) (WBPI)
28-1 VT PBS 1080i (Rutland VT) (WVER RF 10)
28-2 VT PBS+ HD / World 1080i (shared)
28-3 PBS Create
28-4 PBS Kids

31-1 Look TV / You Too America (4:3 stretched to 16:9) (WNCE RF 31)
38-1 Heartland (WNGN RF 36)
38-2 TBN (4:3 stretched to 16:9) (Religious)

38-4 WNGN 91.9 FM Audio (Religious)
45-1 CW15 1080i (WCWN *from WTEN RF 24 )
45-2 Charge! (WCWN *from WRGB RF 35, 15)
45-4 The Nest (WCWN *from WRGB RF 35, 15)
51-1 My4 Albany 1080i (WNYA RF 7)
51-2 The Grio TV
51-3 Catchy Comedy
51-4 Heroes & Icons
55-1 Ion Television 720p (WYPX RF 19)
55-2 Bounce
55-3 Court TV
55-4 Laff
55-5 Defy TV
55-6 Scripps News
55-7 Jewelry TV
55-8 Home Shopping Network
55-9 QVC

(Gray color denotes duplicates)
(Red color denotes High Definition)
(Channels in native 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio unless otherwise specified)
* some networks are sharing others' bandwidth due to the new ATSC 3.0 signal using the former WCWN tower on RF 22

53 total unique channels now in Albany market.

Add Burlington, aside from local programming and regional sports differences on major networks, additional 4 channels (Movies!, 3 News Now, Shop LC, and Story TV).

WFNY RF channel 16 unfortunately is unreachable in Glens Falls due to the various mountain ranges that traverse from Greenfield Center and northward and from the Adirondacks near the Sacandaga. WFNY carries 9 channels: Gloversville Local Programming, The Country Network, Dabl, YouToo America (which is on WNCE part of the day), Biz TV, WFNY 94.1 FM Audio, Shop LC, AMG, and NTD News

New Channel List:
LogoNetwork NameChannel #Programming
ABC / WTEN-HD10.1Local News, Weather, Exclusive Shows
Action Channel14.7High-Octane Sports, Movies, & More
American Classic Entertainment4.4Second Run Crime Dramas (Acapulco HEAT, Mike Hammer: Private Eye, Wiseguy, The Commish)
Antenna TV10.3Second Run Classic Shows 1950s-1990s. (Johnny Carson, Bewitched, The Jeffersons, Threes Company)
Bounce55.2Second Run Drama, Sitcoms & Movies, African American
Buzzr14.1Freemantle Media's Game Show Catalog. (Press Your Luck, Concentration, Match Game, $ale of the Century)
Catchy Comedy51.3Comedy Second Run shows (Dick Cavett, Ed Sullivan, Cheers, Taxi, I Love Lucy, Night Court)
CBS / WRGB-HD6.1Local News, Weather, Exclusive Shows
Charge45.2Second Run Classic Shows 1970s-1980s & movies (CHiPs, Knight Rider, Hunter, Magnum PI)
Comet6.3Second Run Science Fiction shows & movies (The X-Files, The Outer Limits, Quantum Leap, Battlestar Galactica)
Court TV55.3Court and Law Programming, live court cases and analysis
Cozi TV10.2Second Run Sitcoms. (Roseanne, Little House On The Prairie, The Munsters, Murder She Wrote, Frasier)
CW / WCWN-HD45.1Local News, Weather, Exclusive Shows
Defy TV55.52nd Run Reality TV from History, TLC, & Discovery geared towards men. (Ice Road Truckers, Duck Dynasty, Curse of Oak Island)
Fox / WXXA-HD23.1Local News, Weather, Exclusive Shows
/ France 24 / Intrigue4.1 / 14.3Live News and Documentaries, broadcasting from France in English / Intriguing programming
France 24 en Español4.2Live News and Documentaries, broadcasting from France in Spanish. Albany's only Spanish OTA.
Fun Roads TV14.2Road Trips, Cars, and Travel focused shows (Golf America, Distant Roads, RV Road Test)
Get TV13.42nd Run shows, exclusive reruns of shows owned by Sony Pictures (Charlie's Angels, All In The Family, Hart to Hart, Good Times)
Grit23.3Westerns, Movies & TV shows
Heroes & Icons51.4Second Run Programming featuring exclusive home to Star Trek reruns (Baywatch, House, Monk, MacGuyer)
Home Shopping Network55.8Shopping made easy from your living room, order online or over the phone
Ion / WYPX-HD55.1Second Run Crime Drama Shows
ION Mystery10.4Second Run Crime Drama shows & Movies (Law & Order, CSI NY/Miami, Unsolved Mysteries, The First 48)
Jewelry TV55.6Another corportate sell-out, Scripps sold the bandwidth to JTV shopping channel
Laff55.4Second run sitcoms and movies from the 80s to 2000s (That 70's Show, How I Met Your Mother, Home Improvement)
Memorable Entertainment TV13.2Second run classic television (Addams Family, MASH, Green Acres, Happy Days)
My Network / WNYA-HD51.1Local News, Weather, Exclusive Shows
/ NASA / Paranormal TV4.3NASA, Space and the Earth / Paranormal TV, Sci-Fi shows and discussion
NBC / WNYT-HD13.1Local News, Weather, Exclusive Shows
The Nest45.4Home renovation, true-crime, factual reality, and celeb-family entertainment (Steven Seagal Lawman, Flipping Boston, Growing Up Gotti)
NewsNet25.1 / 14.8News. Run in half-hour loops. Watch 30 minutes, get the news!
Northeast Gospel Network38.4Audio simulcast of WNGN radio
Nostalgia Network14.6Very old but memorable shows and movies (Bonanza, Lucy, Patty Duke, Dragnet)
Off Track Betting Capital Region23.2Horse Racing information and broadcasts
PBS / WMHT-HD17.1National News, Documentaries, Children, Exclusives, Albany programming
PBS / WVER-HD28.1National News, Documentaries, Children, Exclusives, VT programming
PBS Create17.2 / 28.3PBS shows highlighting cooking & Home Improvement
PBS Kids17.4 / 28.4PBS Children's Programming 24/7
PBS World Channel17.3 / 28.2PBS Documentaries, News
Quality Value Convenience55.9Shopping made easy from your living room, order online or over the phone
Retro TV14.4Second run classic television (Doctor Who, Republic of Doyle, Naked City, DaVinci's Inquest)
Focusing on vehicles, transportation, show and muscle cars and repairs
Rewind TV23.4Second run 1980s-1990s sitcoms (Family Ties, Murphy Brown, Growing Pains, Diff'rent Strokes)
Scripps News55.6News and News Documentaries, Live most of the day.
ShopHQ25.3Shopping channel. Someone has to pay for the other good channels somehow!
Sports News Highlights25.2Sports news, scores, odds, and latest information.
Start TV13.3Second run drama targeted to women (The Closer, Touched by an Angel, Crossing Jordan, Ghost Whisperer)
To Be Discovered6.2Programming targeted to Millenials, Internet based content and movies
True Crime Network23.5Crime and Investigation programming started by John Walsh (Dateline, Cold Case Files, Forensic Factor)
Watchmen Broadcasting25.4Religious Programming
/YTA / WNCE-CD31.1YTA plays second run programming, movies, and local Glens Falls / Saratoga news and programs

ATSC 3.0 is on the air in the Albany, NY market!

Albany has joined the ranks of the latest in how we watch television.
ATSC 3.0 is the newest type of signal which allows up to 4k picture quality, Dolby Digital sound, and more!

Using the former WCWN signal on RF 22, with the proper equipment you can receive WRGB, WCWN, WTEN, WXXA, and WMHT, as well as T2, a Tennis channel.
(The current ATSC 1.0 signal is 1080i for WRGB, WCWN, T2, and WMHT, where WXXA and WTEN are 720p. The new format brings the first 4 to 1080p).

This new format is advanced and also beneficial. If you live somewhere where your picture quality is spotty and sub-par, experience many drop-outs, this new format is designed to be much more robust and stronger. You may be able to get a solid lock on TV reception that may not be possible with ATSC 1.0.

You will need the proper tuning equipment or a newer TV with the new tuner already present to receive these broadcasts. .

Most important to know, current ATSC 1.0 is not going away any time soon.

If you have any questions, contact me at the number above, or send a message in the Get An Antenna Facebook Group.

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